Im tired of always being put down by someone I love. All I ever try to do is show you how I feel about you but you constantly do and say things that make me wonder if you’re doing things behind my back. Always looking through my phone and looking for the smallest thing and turning it upside down. I haven’t done anything wrong nor do I intend to. What is love when you don’t trust each other? How do you expect to grow and prosper in a relationship when your other half is always looking for something bad you do? Even if you aren’t doing anything wrong in the first place.
What is a relationship supposed to be like? I am surrounded by so many different kinds of relationships I just want a little bit of everything, but I’m tired of feeling hurt or put down, but I don’t know how to express myself.

07.Aug.14 3 weeks ago

Trying to lose weight but I’m Mexican.

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